Stop Smoking in One Hour

25 Years+ Success

Smoking is one area of hypnotherapy where the results are obvious — you either smoke or you don’t!  This is why some hypnotherapists avoid working with smokers — they simply don’t have the confidence or the specific skills to deal with most smokers.

At The London Hypnotherapy Partnership, we use the Austin ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ method — an excellent technique that delivers results.  From the heavy 40+ a day smoker to the occasional casual ‘social smoker’, this tailored therapy is suitable for all types of cigarette smoker.

The original ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ therapy

I Can Stop Smoking in One Hour, The Star, 14 March 1990

This unique therapy was first developed in 1989 by Valerie Austin — one of the original celebrity hypnotherapists, internationally recognised hypnotherapist, trainer, lecturer and author of 5 best selling hypnosis books.

Austin was the first therapist to coin the term ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’. At the time it was thought impossible to quit in such as short time, but the technique proved extraordinarily successful and has now helped thousands of people become ex-smokers worldwide.

During the therapy programme’s first year, Austin treated over 500 smokers.  She monitored her clients via telephone follow up and was delighted to find that 95% had claimed to have stopped smoking and remained non-smokers one year on. (NB telephone research is not a clinically robust data collation method; however it does give an indication of success.)

Austin later found support for her observations in Von Dedenroth’s 1968 research which reported a 94% success rate in no less than 1,000 smokers who remained non-smokers 18 months later, using techniques with similarities to Austin’s method.

International recognition and endorsement

Valerie Austin’s ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ was first drawn to the nation’s attention in The Daily Star (March 1990) and has since appeared in various national, regional and international newspapers and magazines.  Valerie Austin was also the first hypnotherapist to publish the best selling ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ book in 1997.

Stop Smoking in One Hour by Consultant Hypnotherapist, Valerie Austin Nine-to-Five, Stop Smoking in One Hour ,1990 Time to Give Up, Jade Sermon, City Am, 10 July 2007

In addition, Datuk Lee Kim Sai, Health Minister of Malaysia and leading academics have been impressed with Valerie’s methods.  Sai was televised giving his personal seal of approval for her ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ technique.

Personal approval by Valerie Austin

At The London Hypnotherapy Partnership, both Katie Glen and Jenny O’Kelly have been personally trained by Valerie Austin, and are part of her small, but elite team of approved therapists trusted to deliver the therapy with professionalism and expertise.

We both recently spoken at the Austin’ Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference, which Katie co-owns, and Katie has co-facilitated Austin’s training courses. Given Austin’s fiercely guarded international reputation, her personal endorsement is an honour given to few therapists she has trained.

We have used other methods in the past, but none match this particular approach. When it comes to stop smoking, we believe the very precise and sophisticated ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ technique gives all our smoker clients the best chance to quit permanently, and we are very pleased to offer it to you.

Booking your ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ appointment

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