If you’re considering joining a weight loss hypnotherapy group, be warned! Success rates are much lower than the glossy ads indicate and your fellow group members may even encourage you to gain weight!

There are numerous types of hypnotherapy on the marketing, including group therapy. Prices are often cheaper for groups than individual weight loss programs, but often they are a false economy.

By the very nature of group therapy, individual needs are far less likely to be addressed. Success rates for group programmes are considerably lower than individual therapy – 20-25%, depending on which research you read – for a number of different reasons.


1.  Weight loss is an individual issue

The reasons for someone overeating or emotional eating will vary from person to person. A one size fits all approach cannot possibly deal with each individual’s very individual needs and motivations.

People put on weight for many different reasons – if a person needs a specific piece of information or particular therapeutic approach and it’s missed out, the likelihood of successfully losing weight drops dramatically.

2.  Comfort and concentration

Good weight loss hypnotherapy combines the hypnotherapist’s skill with the participants’ willingness to fully participate with the therapy and their commitment to losing weight. Group therapy situations do not always support this requirement.

Relaxing in room with strangers can be difficult for several reasons, for example, someone might be snoring or coughing, or the room is noisy. Concentration is also harder in a group situation as our natural ability to concentrate reduces over time. (Group sessions tend to be longer than individual therapy session). A lapse in concentration, for whatever reason, can result in the would-be-non-slimmer missing the vital information they personally require to change their behaviour and attitude towards their eating habits.

3.  Basic therapy

The full range of therapeutic techniques available to help you lose weight simply cannot be done in the group setting. Suggestion hypnotherapy is suitable for groups, but the powerful age regression therapy, which deals with the root cause of overeating, are not, thus reducing your opportunity to succeed.

4.  Honesty and openness can be difficult within in a group situation.

Often people feel embarrassed and ashamed about the true nature of their eating habits. Many people do not like to be judged and therefore will not wish to reveal their true feelings and behaviours to a group of strangers,

5.  Sabotage and lack of support

In any group situation different people will have different conscious and subconscious agendas. Participants who don’t believe or really intend to lose weight can sabotage your success with negative comments, or even encourage you to overeat!

Moreover many people naively join weight loss groups with ‘friends’. Beware! Friends can be even more likely to sabotage your weight loss efforts than strangers. Recent research, surveying over 10,000 adults, indicates a third of women are secretly jealous of friends who lose weight, with a sixth actively wishing their friends were fatter than them¹. Support can be helpful, but make sure your ‘team’ is really on your side!

Group hypnotherapy – a potential waste of money?

Put simply, group therapy is a risk and potentially a waste of time, money and effort.  If you are serious about losing weight for good with hypnotherapy, it is worth the additional investment in an individual weight loss hypnotherapy program with a good therapist, using a good technique.

Want to lose weight for life?

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¹“Drop a dress size… and a few friends: How weight loss jealousy wrecks women’s friendships”, Daily Mail, 28th December 2011