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Advanced Hypnotherapy

advanced hypnotherapy london

Advanced hypnotherapy is a specialist therapy

Hypnotherapy is an excellent approach to many problems because it addresses the root cause where it is stored – the inner mind. Many clinical studies have shown that hypnotherapy can be incredibly successful for stopping smoking, losing weight, phobias, accelerated learning, stress management and acute pain relief. It is also the only documented successful therapy approved by the NHS for IBS. However, there are many types of hypnotherapy on the market.  Some are more effective than others.

Advanced hypnotherapy delivers long term results

A good advanced hypnotherapist is similar to an expert computer hacker – they help you access your unique mind’s programmes to find the source of the problem or ‘mind virus’, remove and update it with better, more appropriate software. Advanced hypnotherapy works with your unique mind programmes to make lasting change.

Mind viruses are like computer viruses – faults in a programme. Viruses can bring IT systems to a standstill.  In the mind, they can create havoc and inhibit our true potential.  However, once removed, there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

Examples of mind virus symptoms include:

Panic Attacks & Phobias
Anger & Irritability
Comfort Eating
Eating Disorders
Lack of Exercise
Excess Drinking
Substance Abuse
Allergy & Intolerances
Unexplained Illness
Fear, Anxiety & Worry
Lack of Confidence
Poor Self-Esteem
Low Motivation
Unclear Goals
Stifled Creativity
Learning Blocks
Fear of Public Speaking
Poor Communication
Financial Mismanagement
Unhealthy Relationships

Mind viruses are a silent poison that can affect many different areas of your life. An advanced hypnotherapist is a specialist at using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to find and eliminate mind viruses, and giving you the tools to protect yourself from mind viruses.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Specialists

Our approach is a very thorough and powerful process consists of over 12 specific elements. It very carefully structured to maximise the success rate and is a tried, tested and proven formula – percentage success rates across a broad range of conditions are well in the mid 90%s.

We use advanced structured hypnotherapy, which is a combination of specially designed techniques that deliver far greater results than the more commonly available “suggestion hypnosis” or NLP therapy. Not all hypnotherapy is the same

In very broad terms, “suggestion therapy” provides new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving around the ‘problem’, and is similar to uploading a new software on a computer. However, just as if your computer had a virus, the new software doesn’t work if you have a ‘mind virus’. Let us explain…

How advanced hypnotherapy works

People often try everything to fix a problem or make changes consciously, with little success. Often a person will know consciously how to resolve the problem, but there is some part of their mind that drives them to it. For example, someone trying to lose weight knows they need to eat healthier food in the right quantity, but it is a subconscious urge that sabotages their efforts. It is that subconscious urge that needs to be tackled.

By accessing the inner, subconscious part of the mind where our unique experiences, memories and behaviour patterns are stored, changes can be made quickly and permanently. Tapping into the subconscious means we can access information about the problem and resolve it using specialist techniques.

Advanced hypnotherapy is designed to help you access your unique mind’s programmes to find the source of the problem or ‘mind virus’, remove and update it with better, more appropriate software. Often the problem is not just about the presenting problem but can involve a variety of other issues such as self-esteem, control, punishment, reward to name a few. Everyone is individual and the cause of our issues are also very individual too.

mind-computer-hypnosisThe mind works like a very sophisticated computer – you get what you programme into it – and you achieve what the mind subconsciously expects. Successful, happy people naturally programme themselves with successful positive goals. Negative goals, feelings, behaviours and associations are as the result of missing information and bad programming (‘mind viruses’).

Problems tend to be created in one of two ways. Either learned – that is, the subconscious is imitating a behaviour pattern – or there may be a variety of reasons known only to the inner mind.

  1. Learned: If the problem has been “caught”, that is by learning the habit/behaviour from someone else, for example, a family member, then this is can easily be fixed with a suggestion (“new software”) in hypnosis.
  2. A trauma or specific incident: it is this type of problem which requires age regression, where the therapist, like a computer hacker, must delve deep into the “software” of the mind (with the clients’ permission) to uncover the cause of the problem – the ‘mind virus’

A neat, simple example of how regression based therapy is demonstrated with the following case study:

One client came to Katie with a terrible phobia of worms. Under regression, we discovered that her father had been playing a game chasing her around the garden with a worm had become angry with her for getting muddy. She was very frightened of her father when he became angry and unreasonable with her for making a mess – that fear got stuck with the worm and the phobia. Once she had revisited the memory with adult eyes, she could see that it was her father who had scared her, not the worm and update the memory accordingly. She no longer has a worm phobia 6+ years on.

The fastest way to increase your likelihood of successfully resolving a problem is using both regression and suggestion based therapy. There is no way to tell which type of problem you have without doing the full therapy, as the mind will not give up the information easily. It requires specialist skill and techniques, particularly if the problem is trauma based.

motorway-hypnotherapy-exampleOur minds are designed to keep thought, behavioural and emotional patterns because normally they’re there for our benefit and survival. For example, driving is subconscious behaviour. When you first learn to drive there’s much to think about, but with tuition and practice, driving becomes a useful habit you don’t consciously have to think about. However, if your mind allowed you to easily forget a habit, such as driving whilst driving along the motorway at 70 MPH, it could be very dangerous!

The subconscious, inner mind does not judge which thought, emotional and behaviour “programmes” are desirable and healthy and which are not. Its “job” is to keep them in place and will seek to do so all at costs. This is why willpower can be so difficult – you are fighting against an ingrained, subconscious programme. By accessing the inner, subconscious part of the mind where our unique experiences, memories and behaviour patterns are stored, changes can be made quickly and permanently.

Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is simply a way of accessing the subconscious mind, where the problem is stored. Hypnosis does not make the change — hypnosis is a state of mind with a heightened state of awareness.

It is the tools and techniques used in hypnosis that make all the difference. And some techniques are better than others. Success rates vary enormously from 30% (suggestion) to in the mid-90s (advanced regression based hypnotherapy).

There will be a “part”, or possibly more than one “part” of your mind currently receiving a benefit, or satisfaction from the problem. With hypnosis, that satisfaction can be transferred to something healthier and more beneficial to you. The next step is to get to the root of the problem. Often problems will manifest in a number of different ways, but there is one root cause. Resistance is common as the subconscious will fight to protect the pre-existing behaviour, and it takes skill, specialist training and commitment from the therapist to locate the source of the problem. The final part of therapy, once the root cause or ‘mind virus’ has been dealt with, is to update your mind programmes with how you do wish to think, feel and behave with ‘suggestion’ – a new software for the mind.

Change within weeks… not months, or even years

An age regression specialist can get to the root of the problem and make remarkable, and permanent, changes in just a few sessions. This means, you often have less than half the amount of sessions as traditional “suggestion” hypnotherapy, saving time and money, whilst getting better results.

Investment for our programmes is based on resolving your issue as quickly as possible. Most clients are looking for fast, permanent solutions and we believe in being rewarded for delivering them, rather than stringing out sessions unnecessarily. We do not work, or quote, on hourly rates.

Treatment programmes usually take place over 6 weeks or less, with the exception of the One Hour Stop Smoking programme.

If hypnosis is powerful enough to change the mind and enable painless surgery, just imagine what it could do for you!

How could advanced hypnotherapy help YOU?

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