Are You An Emotional Eater?

Emotional eating creates havoc for your health and weight. If you eat when you are not physically hungry or continue even when you are full up, you are an emotional eater. The reasons behind emotional eating are nothing to do with physical hunger, but all to do with satisfying or settling a particular feeling.  There are a number of difference between emotional and physical hunger… Do you recognise any of the following sign associated with ’emotional eating’?

Eating quickly

fast-eatingDo you eat too quickly? Do you eat so quickly you can’t remember what your food tastes like? Do you clear your plate before anyone else? Do you remember the texture, flavour or smell of food? Do you shovel your food in and not really noticing what it tastes like?

Advanced hypnotherapy can help you relearn to slow down and listen to when your body tells you to stop. With a course of weight loss hypnotherapy, you can relearn to actually enjoy eating rather than just being a feeder.

Plate clearing

plate-clearingDo you always clear your plate? Can you leave food on your plate? Perhaps you feel guilty leaving it or that it’s a waste to throw it away. You might have been made to ‘eat it all up’ as a child or to ‘think of all the starving children in Africa’, and you done it ever since.

Stop treating your body as a rubbish bin! Relearn to listen to your body and stop when you’re full up by changing your attitude and eating habits. Hypnotherapy can help you stop emotional eating, without feeling guilty or compelled to eat everything on your plate.

Meal skipping

meal-skippingDo you skip meals? Skipping meals and low fat food messes around with your blood sugar levels, metabolism and energy. And the body will preserve energy — as fat — if it doesn’t believe it will get a regular, steady supply of good fuel.

Hypnotherapy can help you relearn natural eating habits. The human body is designed to eat the right food regularly. Given the choice, it doesn’t like running on empty and won’t perform at its best. It needs regular energy throughout the day. Weight loss hypnotherapy can help you learn to recognise and listen to your body when it does need food and when to stop. And once you’re back to thinking and eating like a naturally slim person, you will only eat because you’re hungry. 

Boredom eating

bordom-eatingDo you eat when you’re bored? Do you reach out for chocolate, crisps or biscuits when you’re bored or lonely? Perhaps there is nobody around, maybe you are putting off a particular task or you have just been dumped. Food rarely relieves boredom, it may put it off temporarily, but it’s back as soon as the junk food has been scoffed down.

Advanced hypnotherapy can help you stop boredom eating by redirecting your energy to a more positive and healthier habit or activity, such as a new hobby, socialising, exercise or general well being.

Rewarding yourself

reward-eating-ice-creamIs food a treat or reward for you? Do you feel you deserve to eat when you’ve achieved something? Why not celebrate with some chocolate, a glass of wine or perhaps a burger and chips! Food as a reward might feel good at the time, but it certainly does not reward your body or your figure.

Advanced hypnotherapy helps with weight loss by persuading your inner mind understand and accept that junk food and exercise is no reward for your body.  Rewarding ourselves is important because reward makes us feel good about ourselves, but there are healthier ways to celebrate than punishing your body with excess food. By changing your thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards food, weight loss hypnotherapy can help you find more appropriate, healthier and satisfying ways to reward yourself than piling on the pounds.

Junk food bingeing

junk-food-bingeingDo you binge on certain foods? With emotional eating, you’re more likely to go for a very specific food. You feel you need to eat that food and no substitute will do. With this compulsive desire, most people go for junk food – crisps, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, pizza, burgers etc. (Very few people get a compulsive desire for large amounts of carrots, lettuce or cucumbers!!!). Junk food, not only contains sugar and chemicals that override any natural signals to stop, and it rarely satisfy any emotional needs long term.

By helping you address the reasons for overeating and retraining you to listen to what your body wants to eat, hypnotherapy can help you stop emotional eating and lose weight long-term.

Protection and comfort eating

protection-eatingDo you feel comforted by food? Does the thought of the opposite sex coming near you, send you straight to the biscuit tin? Does your partner prefer you being bigger because they feel a slimmer you could leave them? Or is a big project or new job, tempting you to eat pizza? Are you a yo-yo dieter? Many of us feel the need to use food as comforter and hide behind it rather than address the real problem that’s causing us to overeat.

Advanced hypnotherapy applied correctly can help you understand why you need to be protected by food and excess weight, and, if appropriate redirect the benefits you gain from overeating to something far more appropriate and healthier.

Emotional hunger is different from physical hunger – it feels different and it behaves differently. 

There are 7 core differences between emotional eating and physical hunger.  Once you’re aware of the signs, knowing what you need to change your eating habits and attitudes becomes much clearer. Advanced hypnotherapy aims to address the underlying causes of emotional eating, by changing your ‘mind program’ for eating and reconnecting it with your body to eat for physical satisfaction only.

Find out more. Discover how hypnotherapy can help you stop emotional eating

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