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Why 90% of Diets Don’t Work

Why 90% of Diets Don't Work Did you know over 90 per cent¹ of 'diets' fail? Each year, new miracle diets and celebrity exercise plans appear on the market. Surgery is becoming increasingly popular with celebrity and reality TV endorsement. Fortunes are spent on...

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Over 500 Recognised Phobias

Often people feel like they are the only person with a particular phobia. The truth is phobias are far more common than you may think and there are over 500 recognised phobias... and the list is growing. Even if your particular phobia is not on the list, it's more...

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Why Do You Keep Going for Mr or Miss Wrong?

The rule of attraction makes understanding why some people seem to have such bad luck in love obvious. And if your relationships have been less than satisfactory, you are more likely to experience relationship problems in the future. Like attracts like People like and...

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