how-to-stop-swearing-with-hypnosisSwearing is a habit, usually formed during teenage years. Most people simply ‘grow out’ of it, but for others it is an unpleasant, negative and offensive habit that can cause havoc in their relationships.

Some people have difficulty in making and maintaining relationships because they’ve fallen into the unattractive, upsetting and disrespectful habit of using bad language. Swearing is also a very poor form of communication because it does not express our true thoughts and feelings.

Habits are formed by repetition and practice. Similar to riding a bike or learning how to drive, if you practice something enough times consciously at some point your subconscious takes it on board and it becomes a habit.

Most swearers start the habit in their teens, perhaps to fit in with others, look “cool” or to rebel against their parents. At the time it is a desired habit, because you do not do something you don’t want to do. The problem occurs when the person wants to stop swearing; perhaps to improve their communications skills and relationships by using more appropriate language, yet finds it hard to break the habit.

The mind is designed to keep hold of habits

The subconscious mind is designed to keep habits because they are usually vital for you, especially your survival. The subconscious does not judge which habits are “good” or “bad”. Its job is to ensure habits are kept in place, and it will do so at all costs. If your mind allowed you to easily forget habits, it could be very dangerous – imagine driving on the motorway at 70mph and suddenly forgetting how to drive! This survival instinct is the reason why willpower can be so difficult — you’re fighting against an ingrained, subconscious behaviour ‘program’.

How to stop swearing more easily

The way to lose a habit, such as swearing, is by persuading your subconscious that it is a habit that you no longer want.

There are two ways to do this; practising not swearing until eventually your mind takes it on board – this takes time, patience and extreme willpower.

The second, and by far the quickest and easiest is with hypnosis because it allows us to access the subconscious, where the swearing habit is stored, and replace the habit with something more appropriate.

Put simply, hypnotherapy can help you ‘clean up your act’ and allow you to replace offensive words with more eloquent and articulate language.

Discover how you could stop swearing with hypnosis

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