The rule of attraction makes understanding why some people seem to have such bad luck in love obvious. And if your relationships have been less than satisfactory, you are more likely to experience relationship problems in the future.

Like attracts like

People like and are attracted to familiarity and similarity. Many research studies have shown that people go for partner with similar physical traits and levels of attractiveness. We tend to have similarities with our friends, or at least something in common that we connect with. And it’s the same with lovers. If you have got nothing in common, it’s unlikely to progress.

Some people may believe that opposites attract, but what seems opposite on the outside is irrelevant. Logic and physical qualities have nothing to do with attraction. After all there are many beautiful people in the world, but they are not to everyone’s taste.

Real attraction is psychological and lasts far longer than anything physical. When we’re attracted to someone romantically, what we are doing is matching them up to our mind program for relationships. If they fit, we like them.

Who or what are you attracting?

We may not be aware of it, but we all send out subconscious signals that tell others want we are like and what we expect. If someone picks up on them and responds it is literally like a meeting of minds or ‘fit’, and that is attraction.

This is great news for the lucky people for whom loving, passion and satisfying relationships come easily and naturally. These people are naturally ‘programmed’ for a healthy relationship. For the rest of us, the rule of attraction can cause chaos.

However, if your relationship ‘program’ or pattern contains incorrect information or is infected with emotional trauma (mind viruses), you almost certainly attract and experience an unsatisfactory love life. The less trauma emotional baggage you carry, the less you will attract.

You cannot physically see your mind viruses (or other people’s) because they reside in the mind. Often you find out when it’s too late, but it is there and by listening more carefully to your inner mind you can avoid losers.

How to change your ‘relationship program’

To stop attracting the wrong man or woman, and start experiencing more positive relationships begins with clearing out your ‘mind viruses’. Knowing about them is not enough. Unless you eliminate them, you will attract losers or unfulfilling relationships time and time again.

The fastest way to make change is by accessing the subconscious, where these faulty relationship patterns are stored, and this is why relationship hypnosis is so effective. Advanced relationship hypnosis allows you to access the subconscious and dealing with the problems using a highly sophisticated combination of specialist techniques to make the necessary changes. By addressing ‘mind viruses’ hidden within the inner mind and updating your subconscious relationship pattern with a healthier ‘relationship blueprint’, you can transform your love life.

Find out how relationship hypnosis could transform your love life

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