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What Our Clients Say

Here’s a small selection of comments others have said about us:

Age is No Barrier

When I had my right hip replaced 4 years ago I found it a very traumatic experience and it put me off having my left hip being replaced, despite struggling with pain and gradually losing mobility. When I finally made the decision to go ahead I was very happy to use self hypnosis to keep myself calm in the run up to the operation. I never really fully appreciated the additional benefits that I would experience.

I had my surgery 2 weeks ago and have just had my first appointment with the nurse for the dressing to be changed; she was most surprised at how well the scar had healed and how well I was doing in myself.

I can only thank Jenny for teaching me self-hypnosis, which I belief helped make this such a different experience from my first hip replacement.


Eastbourne, 80 Years Young

Gave me a new lease of life

This is just to let anyone to know if they feel alone with a personal problem as I did, that Katie tells it as it is and gets the problem sorted. Honestly, she gave me a new lease of life. After many trips to doctors, I can safely say she put me back on track and confident in the bedroom. I’d say 100 percent a very good therapist.


Impotence Client, *Name protected for confidentiality

Broke An Unhealthy Relationship Pattern

Following a string of relationships with the “wrong men”, I met with Katie first of all for an initial consultation to see if she could help me. Not only did she find the solution, importantly she identified the root cause – “why was I always picking the wrong people to have relationships with”.

After just 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Katie, she helped me to put the difficulties of my past behind me which had burdened me for too long and gave me confidence and optimism for the future. Hypnotherapy has been a very positive experience for me, which I only regret I didn’t do sooner. The results speak for themselves, today, for the first time I am in a happy balanced relationship. If you go to Katie, you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved. I would recommend her to anyone.



I Feel Really Happy and Proud

My nails used to be quite bitten and sore. I tried to stop biting them using the horrible tasting nail varnish but that didn’t work. I really felt it was time to stop biting them but however much I tried I couldn’t. Eventually, my mum suggested that I go and see a hypnotist and I thought I’d give it a go. I had a session with Katie who was very friendly. It was relaxing and not at all worrying. A few weeks later I started getting some results. My nails are no longer sore or bitten and are now quite long and I feel really happy and proud of them.


aged 11 years, Surrey

Relaxed and Easy Birth – Thanks!

When I first found out I was pregnant I knew that I wanted a natural birth with as little discomfort as possible. Hypnosis really helped me during my pregnancy and the birth. Right up until the morning before my labour I would do self-hypnosis and have undisturbed sleep right through till it was time to get up; if I didn’t do my hypnosis techniques I would have a very unsettled night.

Jenny taught me how to understand my body and how I could birth my baby naturally without having to rely on midwives or medical intervention.I looked forward to labour and thanks to birth by hypnosis I felt no fear about what was to come and was able to deliver my baby at home in a birthing pool with very little pain or discomfort.

Due to my quiet and calm birth in which I felt completely in control when my daughter was born, she was also very calm and it wasn’t until a while later when she was placed on the weighing scales did she cry. Because neither Eloise nor I were distressed during the labour or birth I was able to breastfeed easily and I continue to do so one year on.

Eloise has always been a calm, confident and independent baby and this is all because during my pregnancy and birth I remained relaxed and positive. Hypnosis has given me the confidence to trust my instincts and parent in a nurturing way .

Whenever anyone asks about the birth of my daughter I recall the day with a smile on my face and I love to tell people about how fantastic my birth was thanks to hypnosis.

Charlotte Hope

Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire

Less stressed and our divorce will be as easy, quick and painless as possible.

I went to Katie during a very stressful relationship breakdown which was affecting most parts of my life. Although I was sceptical of hypnotherapy I decided to give it a go as I was desperate. I had spent the past year (and over £3,000) discussing my marriage problems with a counsellor and talking to friends, but felt I hadn’t really moved on and had become more confused with conflicting advice that I had been given.

Going into my first session and being asked what I wanted out of my life and relationships helped me focus on what I wanted for the first time. Katie’s professional approach and ability to put me at ease and get to the real issues gave me instant results.

Although I accept that my relationship has broken down, I am now less stressed and much clearer about how to move forward, and I feel I can now identify what is important to me rather than repeating the same old nightmare relationship patterns. I am also determined to find a satisfactory solution that will work for my children, soon-to-be-ex-wife and myself, and to make sure that our divorce will be as easy, quick and painless as possible.

Paul Wood

SE London

It Works!

Katie treated me to help me stop smoking over three years ago. Before seeing Katie, I had tried so many times to give up smoking using different methods without success. Now I am completely smoke-free and much better off not only health wise but in my purse as well.

Thank you Katie, couldn’t have done it without you!

Jill Andrews

Chessington, Surrey

Nothing short of phenomenal

Working with Kate was nothing short of phenomenal, she is a master at what she does and I highly recommend her to anyone!

Clare Turner-Marshall

Grendon, Warwickshire

I’m still not smoking and I am loving it!

I’ve been through all the books, the stop smoking sessions, but all failed me, I kept smoking!! One session with Kate and I’ve stopped smoking, without Kate it would not have been possible. Thanks Kate for your time and help, I’m now a happy non-smoker, thanks to you.

Mark Lee

Afghanistan (security consultant, ex-British Army)

I’ve not smoked since

I had wanted to give up for some time without success. After hypnotherapy I just didn’t see the point in smoking anymore, and I have now been a non-smoker for a year and a half!

Thank you Kate, it has made my life so much cleaner, healthier and enjoyable!

Anna Sundberg

Kingston University, Surrey

Thanks from a Happy Non-Smoker

After 18 years of smoking, I managed to quit after two hypnotherapy sessions with Katie. Before deciding to go with Katie, I had done quite some research into hypnotherapy, even meeting up with a couple of hypnotherapists.

The difference? Katie was professional yet reassuring. Most importantly, she was clear and precise about the process and techniques used, unlike some other therapists who came across as patronising or vague. This gave me the confidence needed to plunge into an unknown experience.

We did need the back-up to fully address the issues, but I went from being a 20-25 cigarettes-a-day smoker to a non-smoker straight away. I was a bit unsettled initially but experienced nothing close to the withdrawal symptoms and agitation associated with other techniques (e.g. willpower). One thing is certain – you need to really want to stop smoking to make hypnotherapy work. But if you are ready, I would certainly recommend Katie.

14 months on…

I came to see you more than a year ago for the stop smoking therapy. The good news is I am still a non-smoker, 1 year 2 months on 🙂

Diana Tan

NW London

After 10 Days it Had Completely Vanished!

When I first heard about hypnotherapy to treat veruccas, I wasn’t sure what to think, and certainly didn’t expect it would work, but after all sorts of hassle using creams and remedies that just didn’t work and when it started to give my 10-year-old son some real discomfort threatening to prevent him playing the football he so enjoyed, I thought I would give anything a try.When Katie explained about how we could help the body cut off the verruca, and stop it gaining any nourishment, it seemed to make more sense, but I still had some reservations. This was a really stubborn and large verruca that had refused to budge for several months! After just one session, the verruca seemed to become less painful and swollen, and his discomfort started to go away, until after 10 days it had completely vanished.

Cath Harper

Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

I am on the way to heights that only I could dream about!

I have been afraid of heights, and I mean seriously afraid, for as far back as I can remember. And that is a long time, a very long time. Not of flying, I can look out of plane windows quite easily, but of the view down from fixed buildings, mountains and bridges. Even in films, it made my knees go weak and scared me.

Earlier this year, I reached 60 and for the first time in my adult life I was finding that nearly all of my friends and family had told me that having a fear of heights was like drinking tea without sugar (some will and some won’t). Well I don’t have sugar and I also don’t drink tea, so where’s the comparison? Read on…..

I decided I needed to really do something about my phobia, and made the initial enquiry via email to Katie, and within a few days, I got the call which has led to materially changing my perception of all things tall.

I went to see Katie for an initial consultation in Kingston-upon-Thames, and she happily explained hypnosis and how and why it works. She told me of several examples of phobia which people had and weren’t actually proportionally related. I agreed to a course of hypnotherapy and the rest, as they say, is history!

The first thing I had to do was relax and how to do that without falling asleep; much easier in one’s 20s and 30’s than for a 60-year-old even first thing in the morning. Well relax I did and without going on with too much garble, six weeks later, I have been on the London Eye, The Emirates Airline (cable car) and up a mountain to a viewing point overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I have a bucket list of places to go this year and next, and I WILL do it. I’m that type of person.

I have beaten off my worst enemy and will be looking back at those pictures that I once thought were confined to albums that come out of the cupboards at family gatherings. Pictures that I couldn’t take and wouldn’t even consider looking at while having that light headed feeling. Snaps taken at the top of the Eiffel Tower facing down and snaps of the Empire State Building looking up; the sort people used to show me for their kicks!

My conscious and subconscious have merged where this fear had once evolved and now I quite clearly understand how, where and why this had originally made its sordid way into my very young life. Without wanting to go into too much of my history the fear had transcended from a darkened lift when I was still at primary school.

Well, now I am on the way to heights that only I could dream about.

I can only re-iterate that Katie has made me, with the help of my subconscious, a happier person and for that, I am more than grateful.

Ian Levene

Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

I could never ever even consider having him in my life again!

When I first came to you, I was in a very unhappy place. I did not feel that I could move on from a previous relationship, not only was I struggling to let go but I could not imagine ever opening up to another guy in the future. After six weeks with your guidance, I am in a much better place. I am a lot happier and getting happier by the day. I barely think about my ex and when he does come into my mind it is only very briefly!

I feel ready to meet someone who will treat me well, not only ready but excited for when that time comes!! I cannot express how grateful I am for your guidance. I feel that this has benefited me in so many ways.


*Name protected for confidentiality, Croydon, Surrey

I Would Strongly Recommend Hypnosis for Anyone Needing Surgery

“I felt relaxed and calm in Jenny’s capable hands as my operation went ahead. I had chosen not to have an anaesthetic as the natural recovery and healing time is much quicker without, plus there are no side effects. The operation was a success and I would strongly recommend the hypnosis method for anyone needing surgery.

Pauline Hill

Brentford, Middlesex

A big investment of time and energy but you are in very good hands and it was so, so worth it.

I would wholeheartedly recommend both Katie and this treatment.

I initially contacted Katie as I suffering from a lot of anxiety and guilt following a difficult break-up, but also because I recognised that had consistently made the same mistakes in relationships over the years.

I felt the benefits of the hypnosis from the first session, when I left feeling more relaxed than I had in months. The following sessions when we explored what the root causes of my problems were difficult but week by week, the reasons why I made certain decisions became clear. I don’t think I would have considered them in normal counselling as I wasn’t consciously aware of them. I left each session understanding myself more and more, and as the treatment progressed feeling calmer and more in control. The treatment wasn’t confined to the weekly sessions. Katie set me homework each week as a means of helping establish more positive thinking, all of which helped to make me view my situation differently.

By the end of the sessions, I really understood not only why I had had problems with relationships but I understood myself far more. I feel confident that I can now make decisions that will make me happy. Katie herself was wonderful. Understanding, kind, non-judgemental and articulate. She was great at explaining the psychology behind my relationship problems in simple terms and it seemed like she genuinely cared that I would get better.

This is a big investment of time and energy but you are in very good hands and it was so so worth it. Katie is clear that there are a set amount of sessions and her estimate was exactly right. By the end of the treatment, I was in a completely different place, my friends and family remarked at how much calmer and happier I was, and I feel I can make the best choices for me.

Elaine Shanks

SW London

Immediate results

Katie gave me several hypnotherapy sessions for insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks. I felt immediate results after the first session and after the course of treatment I felt I slept well and not troubled by anxiety anymore. I highly recommend Katie as an excellent practitioner.

Olga Chizhova

St Albans, Physics Teacher

I Have Been to Her Twice Now

I found Katie really reassuring and easy to work with. When I first saw Katie, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and how hypnosis might be able to help me. I was looking for an extra burst of confidence and motivation at work to help me step change my career and go after a significant promotion rather than something you might associate more easily with hypnotherapy like giving up chocolate or cigarettes.

The sessions have made a tremendous difference to my life. I no longer suffer from the stress, and self-doubts that hampered me in my day to day work, and I now have the extra confidence I needed to apply for that exciting big role.

Katie helped me understand and put right some of the issues that had influenced me when I was growing up which I hadn’t been really aware of and I hadn’t realised had affected my confidence today. This has made a big difference, particularly in my dealings with strong and aggressive personalities and in my ability to have the inner calm, poise and assertiveness I need to be a much better leader. I certainly feel like I am on a roll, and that people are responding differently to me in a much more positive way.

The second time I saw Katie was to help me cure my lifelong phobia of worms, and I am delighted with the results especially now I have an allotment to dig. Now I understand how well hypnotherapy can work, there are lots of things I keep thinking I’d like to fix. I can heartily recommend Katie.


Senior Marketing Controller, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

Thanks for Helping Me Quit the Dirty and Expensive Habit of Smoking

My name is Matt Henman, Proprietor and Head chef of ‘The Mill House Hotel and Restaurant’, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire. I gave up smoking 3 years ago, using hypnotism to help me do so.

In the catering trade, the stress levels can be extremely high and I used smoking to help me to reduce this stress. I also used to be a social smoker and I noticed that the amount I smoked increased again whilst drinking alcohol.

Since giving up, my immune system has much improved and I fall ill a lot less, I am fitter and have lost a lot of weight after joining the local gym to focus my mind on something else rather than smoking and drinking. All in all, my life has reformed and I have Jenny O’Kelly and the method of hypnotism to thank for helping me quit the dirty and expensive habit of smoking.

Many, many thanks!!

Matt Henman

The Mill House Hotel and Restaurant, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire

Excellent therapists – difficult to find a better combination

I have been training hypnotherapists for over 20 years and I’m delighted that many of my therapists have successful businesses, written books and appeared on radio and TV helping in the drive to show the powerful benefits of hypnosis. Sometimes therapists have met on my courses and opened up in business together. Katie and Jenny are among them. I believe that the specialities they bring to this Harley Street practice are unique and it would be difficult to find a better combination.

Katie specialises in relationships and the business mindset, which really covers most psychological problems. Having previously worked in advertising and marketing for over 12 years, Katie’s understanding of the corporate psyche and challenges is excellent. Whilst Jenny covers, not only the psychological problems, but also the physical. There are only a handful of people that have had the opportunity to do painless surgery in the operating theatre and Jenny, after being trained in medical hypnosis by my husband, James Pool, is one of them.

This means that this unique practice covers all aspects of hypnosis, and I am happy to recommend them as excellent therapists, who stick to established protocols that work and take the time to monitor their clients.

Valerie Austin

International Consultant Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Author of Six Best-Selling Books, Austin Training


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