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Confidence & Self Esteem

hypnotherapy for confidence and self-esteem

Regain your confidence

If you are lucky enough to be super-confident you can’t even begin to imagine how it feels to live your life without it. Confident people breeze from one opportunity to another without a second thought. Confident people don’t suffer the anxiety and discomfort of walking into a crowded room and feeling totally out of depth, they don’t panic at the thought of giving a presentation, going on a date, asking for a pay rise or even just talking to the boss. It comes naturally to them – or does it?

Even the most seemingly confident people, often lack confidence in some areas of their life – and lack of confidence can put your life on hold.

Are you putting life on hold?

Confidence and self-esteem often seem like a ‘nice-to-have’, however, they are essential to living a full and enjoyable life. Lack of confidence and esteem are often at the core of many other problems, and can affect almost any area of your life, including:

  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Meeting new people
  • Career
  • Job interviews
  • Presentations
  • Going on holiday/travelling
  • Earnings potential (including asking for that well-deserved pay rise!)
  • Health (through worry, panic and paranoia, and consistently putting others needs before your own)
  • Stress (often through perfectionism associated with poor self-esteem, fear of failing and worrying about what others think)
  • Putting your dreams and ambitions on hold
  • Limiting your life potential

Give me the child until he is seven and I’ll give you the man.

St. Francis Xavier

Why do people lack confidence?

Confidence issues start young
confidence-hypnosis-childNatural confidence is something we’re born with; newborn babies express their feelings easily and are totally comfortable being themselves.  We often see young children who love to “perform” without inhibitions and wish that we could feel so comfortable in our own skin.

Poor confidence, lack of self-worth and inhibitions are learned.
Unfortunately for most people, our natural confidence skills are stifled at a young age, and although they are never truly lost, they remain hidden without good therapy.

Up to the age of 5-6, our minds are like sponges soaking up all the information from the world around us; learning critical skills such as walking, talking, reading, writing, relationship patterns and how to behave in certain situations. We’re influenced by our parents, teachers, family, friends, story books, TV and society. This critical time for laying down the foundations of our personality and understanding our expectations of the world and what we believe others think about of us.

It is at this time we form our “confidence programme” – and this programme affects how loved, deserving, successful and confident we feel for the rest of our lives. With the correct foundations for confidence and self-esteem learned in childhood, it’s far easier to be naturally confident as an adult.

The problem of lacking in confidence starts, usually during your childhood years, you picked up an ‘incorrect’ message that you weren’t good enough; perhaps you didn’t deserve the good things in life.

Confidence problems are either learned (i.e. we hear the same messages or repeat the same behaviours until they become a ‘habit’), or as the result of an incident, which creates a ‘mind virus’ and interrupts our natural confidence “mind programme”

school-confidence-hypnotherapyThe reasons behind confidence issues are vast; for example, you could have been singled out in school by a teacher, maybe even bullied, or perhaps your parents thought by being tough on you or it would help to make you more resilient. Even the most seemingly innocent incidents can cause a problem, such as a one-off remark or something on the TV.

These messages get imprinted deep within your mind and your inner talk constantly reinforces these inappropriate thoughts, ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘I can’t possibly do that’ – sound familiar?

How to improve your confidence and self-esteem

Much like a computer with a virus; you can’t just ignore it and hope it will go away. The subconscious, where the “programme” is stored is the key. Hypnosis is the gateway to the subconscious, where, using sophisticaed techniques, the source of the poor confidence can be located.

With sophisticated age regression techniques, events can be revisited with ‘adult eyes’ and ‘reprocessed’ to update inappropriate thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are no longer serving you.

Once the root cause of the confidence problem has been addressed, suggestion therapy can be applied to give your mind the ‘software’ for natural confidence. With the correct programme for confidence fixed in your mind, embracing opportunity and enjoying life becomes second nature.

Advanced hypnotherapy for Confidence

Advanced hypnotherapy deals with both “habit” and “trauma/incident” created problems. Many hypnotherapy programmes on the market are “suggestion therapy” based, and suggestion is primarily for habit based issues. Age regression is suitable for trauma/incident based problems. We use both approaches to increase your chances of success, simply because it is impossible to establish the type and cause of the problem without treating both. Therapy is normally completed within 6 weeks or less.

Our sophisticated programme is a very powerful and thorough therapy, consisting of over 12 specific elements and is very carefully tried and tested formula, structured to achieve the very best success rates. Using specialist regression techniques in hypnosis, we are able to find and address those initial problems that are running the incorrect program in your mind. We then replace them with a better suited ‘mind’ program so you have a new habit of feeling confident, successful and unstoppable!

You Can DO IT!

yes-confidence-hypnotherapy-esteemYou would be surprised to know that even the most confident person has moments of self-doubt, but because they don’t have that “rogue programme” running they are able to shake it off and carry on. We all deserve to live the very best life possible, we all deserve to enjoy and profit from our success. Life doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable and difficult.

An investment into one of our advanced hypnotherapy programmes is a serious, committed investment designed to last a lifetime. The benefits of resolving confidence issues are far reaching in all areas of your life. What would improve for you?

  • Better relationships?
  • More enjoyable social life?
  • New / better career prospects?
  • Earning more money?
  • More excitement and fulfilment?
  • Happiness and contentment?
  • Making your dreams happen?

Get in touch and get your confidence & esteem back!

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