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Create Your Perfect Birth

hypnobirthing course

A Unique HypnoBirthing Course

Childbirth is a natural process, yet in Western society, our minds have been trained by to expect pain, difficulty and fear. In other societies, such as the Native Americans, they do not expect pain and therefore, do not experience it.

Hypnosis is a wonderful supplement or alternative to conventional childbirth as it allows the muscles to relax so both you and your baby can experience the joy of birth fully. When you’re frightened, the body tenses up making childbirth difficult and painful. With hypnosis, the body is able to relax and the process of giving birth smooth and without pain. Hypnobirthing also reduces complications and speeds up you and your baby’s recovery time.

Preparing for your Perfect Birth

Our “Create Your Perfect Birth”  hypnobirth course is a complete weekend course designed to clear out incorrect beliefs around childbirth and prepare you for a more natural and relaxed birthing experience.

This unique 2-day workshop is designed to give you all the tools, techniques and information to be able to enjoy a more relaxed, comfortable pregnancy and birth.


  • Advanced self-hypnosis techniques to de-stress, eliminate negative incorrect associations with birth and replace with positive expectations
  • How your body works for you and with you to produce an easier, more comfortable and natural birth.
  • Learn how stress affects both your body and your baby’s development.
  • How to cope with stressful situations and procedures.
  • Understand the impact of your environment and how to best deal with it.
  • Birthing options and positions.


  • De-hypnotise and desensitise negative beliefs, feelings and horror stories around birth you’ve learnt from other people, including the media, TV, family and friends.
  • Discover the evidence and research supporting natural painfree birth.


  • 6 deep relaxation sessions throughout the weekend – when you take your CD home pack with you, it will be second nature to use.
  • 3 easy to use breathing techniques to take you through pregnancy and birth.
  • A weekend packed with powerful visualisations to create your perfect birth.

Take Home…

  • All the relaxation hypnosis audios, information and step-by-step workbook you need to prepare for your ideal birth – ‘Create Your Perfect Birth’ Hypnobirthing Audio & Workbook Home Pack
  • Confidence and knowing that you can take the stress out of pregnancy and giving birth.
  • Tools, techniques and strategies you can put in practice immediately.
  • The ability to recreate a professional hypnobirthing session in the comfort and privacy of home.
  • Skills and knowledge to last you throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond!!

Locations/Dates/Booking Details

Locations: ‘Create Your Perfect Birth’ Hypnobirthing Weekends are held regularly in Central London and Buckinghamshire.

Next Dates: Courses are held regularly throughout the year – contact us now for latest dates/locations.

Book Now: Contact Jenny O’Kelly on 020 8712 5981 for latest dates and current availability.


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