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Insomnia & Fatigue


Insomnia & Exhaustion Relief with Hypnotherapy

We have all experienced the odd night or two of sleeplessness, perhaps due to specific circumstances such as pressure at work, changing jobs, exams, relationship worries, family pressures, having a child etc. However, if sleeplessness continues for weeks or months, it is time to seek help.

What is insomnia?

The medical dictionary describes insomnia as the:

“Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time.”

Different people experience insomnia in different ways. Perhaps you have difficulty falling asleep, or maybe you have trouble staying asleep. Some people find they waken very early and cannot get back to sleep, despite being tired and needing the rest. Or maybe you experience a combination of these scenarios. Either way, insomnia is a potentially debilitating and depressing condition.

Why insomnia is a serious problem?

Insomnia is a far more serious problem than it appears on the surface, affecting many areas of your life.

sleep-hypnotherapy-insomniaInsomnia is bad news for your health.

Sleep can be divided into two types: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM (NREM) sleep. Non-REM sleep has four stages of increasingly deep sleep.

Stage 1 sleep is the lightest, while stage 4 is the deepest.

It is during the fourth stage of sleep that your body heals and repairs itself. If sleep is interrupted and you’re unable to enjoy both REM and Non-REM sleep stages, your body does not have the chance to repair and rejuvenate itself during the natural healing phases of sleep.

You may also feel tired, irritable, exhausted and have difficulty concentrating whilst awake. Fatigue and irritability caused by a lack of sleep can make you more accident prone and a more dangerous driver. Fatigue can also affect your performance at work and relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Insomnia treatments

Prescribed sleeping pills may leave you feeling groggy and lethargic and can become addictive, reducing in effectiveness over time and never addressing the real cause of the sleep problem. Hypnosis has none of these disadvantages and is a completely safe, natural, sustainable way to overcome insomnia.

“Quick Fix” vs. Long-Term Solutions for Chronic Insomnia

Sleep problems can be caused by many different reasons, and remain hidden within the subconscious mind.

For some people the cause of the problem may be a relatively simple. Poor sleep habits or a particularly stressful period that is causing a temporary problem can be dealt with simple suggestion hypnotherapy (new thoughts, feeling and behaviours around bedtime and sleep).

For longer-term insomnia, the problem may be much deeper and require more sophisticated treatment. In many cases, what appears to be a simple problem can have a more complex cause, which is not apparent unless a full advanced hypnotherapy programme has been completed.

We offer 2 insomnia hypnotherapy based programmes. The advanced treatment is the recommended option for long-term results, but we do offer a ‘quick fix’ session if you are stretched for time and need a short-term solution.


Sleep Suggestion Hypnotherapy

  • Single session therapy designed as a ‘quick fix’ for stress, sleeplessness and relaxation training
  • 2-hour intensive suggestion hypnosis session
  • ‘Sleep’ suggestion therapy
  • Self-hypnosis training
  • Take-home relaxation training CD
  • Suitable for if you’re looking for quick relief during a particularly stressful time.
  • For some clients, this therapy is enough to reset their body clock for restful sleep, but for others, this is a temporary fix for a longer-standing issue, requiring more in-depth advanced therapy.


Advanced Hypnosis for Chronic Insomnia and Sleeplessness

Advanced hypnotherapy provides a long-term, effective solution to chronic insomnia, plus the tools and techniques that you can use yourself to manage a healthy sleep pattern for life.

Advanced hypnotherapy includes regression therapy, which is used to uncover and address the root cause of your insomnia, rather than simply giving you tools and techniques to relax.

Age regression allows us to access earlier memories, persuade you subconscious to let go of the reasons for keeping you awake and find an alternative solution to the problem, as the following case study demonstrates:

“No time to sleep”

chronic-insomnia-hypnosis-hypnotherapyOne particular client had been unable to sleep properly for the past 5 years, and effects of his insomnia were so severe that his job was seriously jeopardised.

During regression his subconscious revealed a time in work when he was under extreme pressure.

He described a scene in his boss’s office discussing an important project, where his boss said “There is no time left before the conference to complete the preparations. We’ve run out of time”.

To solve the problem, his subconscious kept him awake during the night, to allow him the extra time to complete the work.

Going even further back, his subconscious took him to his student days where he worked through the night to study so he could pass the exams. To his subconscious, this was a successful solution, which was later repeated under similar pressurised circumstances at work.

His subconscious needed to be persuaded that this sleeplessness was now inappropriate and was not producing the intended result. It took just four sessions using advanced regression therapy to successfully challenge and change the behaviour and re-establish a comfortable, healthy sleeping pattern.

Jeremy, Case Study*

*Name protected for confidentiality

Finally suggestion hypnotherapy is applied to give your mind a new programme that allows you to fall asleep easily and enjoy a good night’s uninterrupted rest. You are also taught sleep hygiene tips and the all-important skill of ‘self hypnosis’ for deep relaxation, stress relief and ongoing self-care.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Insomnia Programme includes:

  • Up to 6 x advanced hypnosis sessions
  • Regression & suggestion hypnosis
  • ‘Mind virus’ elimination
  • ‘Sleep’ therapy
  • ‘Homework’ e.g. take-home CDs
  • Self-hypnosis, self-care training
  • Sleep hygiene training

This comprehensive advanced hypnotherapy programme, designed to give permanent results, is usually completed within 6 weeks or less.

Still struggling to sleep?

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