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Relationship Hypnotherapy

relationship hypnotherapy

Transform your relationships

A loving, satisfying relationship, is that really too much to ask for? In fact, it is one your basic human needs. A wonderful, happy intimate relationship makes life worth living… and it helps us live longer too. However, an unhealthy relationship can cause havoc in your life.

Hypnotherapy may not be the obvious choice for resolving relationship problems, but it is wonderfully effective because it allow us to access the source of the problem – in the subconscious mind.

Whether you are single, in a relationship or moving on from a relationship, hypnosis can help transform your love life, family relationships and friendships. Issues we can help with include but are not limited to:

For Singles

  • Attracting the right person for you
  • Improving your dating confidence
  • Overcoming commitment issues
  • Stop sleeping around (sex addiction)
  • Overcoming past relationship hurt incl. narcissistic abuse
  • Stop attracting the wrong partners

(See example case study: ‘Goodbye Mr Wrong, Hello Mr Right’)

For couples

  • Bringing back that missing spark and attraction
  • Surviving infidelity
  • Releasing anger
  • Overcoming jealousy
  • Learning to trust again
  • Better communication and connection
  • Intimacy, respect and love
  • Sexual problems
  • Trying to change your partner (or them trying to change you!)
  • Confidence and esteem
  • Bullying and intimidation
  • Being in love with someone that doesn’t reciprocate your feelings
  • Adjusting to the arrival of children, coping with kids or empty nesting
  • Feeling ‘trapped’ and unable to leave your relationship

(See example case study here: ‘Better than Ever’)

For break-ups and loss

  • Reducing stress and bitterness from divorce and separation
  • Escaping an unhealthy, unhappy (or even abusive) relationship
  • Getting over an ex-partner and moving on
  • Dealing with grief and long-term bereavement

(See example case study here: ‘happier’ divorce)

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same.

Flavia Weedn

Have you ever wondered why…?

  • Some people find it so difficult to find the right person
  • People often go for the ‘same type’
  • Others fall for toxic men or women
  • Some people seem to put up with bad behaviour in relationships
  • Others attract personality disordered partners (e.g. narcissists, sociopaths, borderline)
  • Commitmentphobes, relationship and intimacy avoiders can so alluring
  • Many people repeat the same (or similar) mistakes in relationships
  • People try to change their partners and get frustrated when they inevitably fail
  • Relationships breakdown
  • So many people get relationships so wrong
  • Most people ignore good relationship advice

The answers to these questions and their solutions lie in the mind.relationship-hypnosis-and-adviceWith so many books, magazines, website, experts and friends that seem to believe they are ‘experts’ on relationships, it is no wonder so many people are confused about how to fix their love lives.

Most people tend to ignore good advice and even the few that try counselling or other types of therapy end up disappointed. For many people, finding (and keeping) their ideal relationship can seem like mission impossible.

Sadly, many people get relationships wrong and few people get them really right.  We tend to consistently repeat the same mistakes in relationships. Improving your relationship is about having a healthy ‘blueprint for love’ and the right tools to make changes.

We love working with relationships, and senior consultant, Katie Glen has specifically trained in advanced hypnosis for relationships and trains other therapists in this sophisticated specialist therapy.

Everything starts with a thought

From first moment you set eyes on someone you find attractive, your mind starts racing with thoughts. How will you approach them and what will you say? Will they be interested in you, and will you enjoy the same things? All our thoughts, feelings and actions in relationships originate from the mind, and even ending a relationship starts with just a thought!

Problems, arguments and thoughtless actions also start in the mind. Some people are seemingly inexplicably attracted to the wrong types or unhealthy relationships, the reasons for which are stored deep in the mind.

Your mind is your key to transforming your love life

Understanding what you really want and knowing which changes you need to make are the ultimate key to attracting and keeping your perfect partner. For many people this means being clear about what you want from a relationship, and clearing out past baggage / outdated thoughts and feelings around relationships. But for everyone, a healthy ’blueprint’ for a loving, satisfying healthy relationship, fixed in your inner mind is essential.

‘Incorrect’ mind-programming = relationship difficulties

Successful, happy people with good relationships are naturally programmed for a great love life. Negative feelings, behaviours and associations are as the result of faulty programming and ‘mind viruses’.
A healthy relationship is built on love, attraction, understanding, trust, fun and appreciation. However, in today’s fragmented society, few people have got a really healthy relationship program running in their minds.

What is your ‘blueprint for love’?

hypnosis-relationship-blueprintBeing good at relationships isn’t something we’re born with; it’s something we learn from childhood. As children we learn how to walk, run, talk, communicate, read and write. We also learn how to behave and interact with our peers and adults, and we learn what relationships are all about. It’s a critical time for laying down the foundations to our relationship patterns.

Our minds are like sponges, soaking in all the information from the world around us – from stories, our parents, family, friends, teachers, TV, society and other influences around us.

That’s how we form our ‘blueprint for love’ – our relationship programme for how relationships work and what we expect from them. When we start to form our own romantic relationships, we activate the program putting this learning into practice and reinforce them.

With the correct foundations, or program, for healthy, loving relationships learned in childhood it becomes far easier to replicate them later in life.

Like attracts Like

If you are lucky, and were shown how healthy relationships work as a child, you are more likely to have a good program for relationships and therefore a successful love life. However, if information is programmed incorrectly, the natural ability to create and sustain a healthy, loving relationship is disrupted.

Unhealthy relationship ‘blueprints’ are created in one of two ways:

1. Habit:

We learn by repetition, hearing or practising the same things over again until it becomes a habit we no longer think about. For example, we may hear messages such as ‘all men lie’ or ‘all women nag’ and accept them as true. Picking up incorrect information doesn’t mean a bad childhood or that our parents are to blame, it can sometimes be the most minor things can create a problem, or that we’re simply missing information. Poor programming can happen in the happiest of childhoods.

Liz experienced a pattern of very distant and unsatisfactory relationships before therapy. The source of the problem was that she simply did not have the correct information for a how good relationship works because her father was working aboard whilst a child. Nobody’s fault, just circumstance.

Liz, Case Study*

*Name protected for confidentiality

2.  A trauma or specific incident

This where a specific incident has disrupted our ‘programme’ for a healthy relationship. This type of issue requires specialist age regression techniques to delve deep into the ‘software’ of the mind to uncover the cause of the problem.

break-patterns-with-relationship-hypnosisOur ‘single case study’ is a perfect example of a trauma-based problem, where Natalie had an unfortunate married man habit. During age regression, Natalie was able to identify a ‘programme’ of being ‘second best’ as a result of her father’s loyalty to her very unpleasant stepmother. Once the subconscious was updated, she quickly attracted a lovely (and unattached) gentleman, and seven years on they are happily married with two beautiful children.

Natalie, Case Study*

*Name protected for confidentiality

We get what we subconsciously expect

The mind works like a computer. Put simply you get what is programmed into it. So if you’ve experienced similar patterns with your relationships – that is your “relationship programme” at work.

People, who enjoy loving relationships, tend to have a pattern of attracting great partners. People who attract cheats, liars, narcissists, sociopaths and undesirable relationships are very likely to have experienced a string of unsatisfactory relationships. And unfortunately their experiences ‘prove’ relationships are doomed.

Neither is right or wrong – the subconscious is working correctly and is simply fulfilling its ‘programme’

Breaking unhealthy relationship patterns

People have so many different and often complex problems with their relationships (or lack of relationships). What they all have in common is that program for a successful, loving relationship is missing data or infected with a mind virus.

Breaking unwanted habits, behaviours and feelings means addressing them where the faulty program and the mind viruses are stored – your subconscious mind.

This is why counselling, talking therapy or listening to great advice is rarely successful at fixing long-term relationship problems. They don’t address the problem at the root cause – the inner mind.

Other therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) where you literally have to consciously practice being better at relationships can work for some people, because if you practice something enough it can eventually sink in. However it requires determination, a lot of practice, and is still less effective than even the most basic suggestion hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis, which is really just a heightened state of awareness, is the way to communicate with the subconscious. It’s also the optimum state for learning, which means it provides the quickest way to learn new thoughts, feelings and ways of behaving, and it provides access to the subconscious, where your relationship ‘programme’ or ‘blueprint’ is stored.

Advanced Relationship Hypnotherapy

happy-hypnosis-relationship-coupleIn very broad terms, there are two main types of hypnotherapy available; suggestion (often combined with NLP and CBT) and advanced hypnotherapy. Suggestion works well for simple habit based problems, but is ineffective for ‘trauma’ or incident based problems.

With advanced hypnotherapy we are able to address both; using specialist age regression techniques to find the source of the problem (often in childhood) and enable the client to reprocess the information through adult eyes. Once ‘resolved’, suggestion is used to update the outdated ‘blueprint for love’ and replace with the blueprint ‘programme’ for a healthy, loving, satisfying relationship.

happy-hypnotherapy-relationshipOur programmes all start at understanding you particular relationship ‘programme’, whether you are currently in a relationship or not. It is very common for clients to be unaware of a ‘theme’ running (and often causing chaos) throughout all their romantic relationships.

Being consciously aware of that pattern coupled with really understanding and knowing what you want from your relationship is the start point. From there, we are able to commence with the deep hypnosis work to resolve the underlying issues and update your ‘blueprint for love’.

Advanced hypnotherapy normally takes 6 weeks or less to resolve a relationship issue, rather than months or even years trying with other approaches.

What would a healthy, loving relationship mean to you?

Find out more about how advanced hypnotherapy programmes could help your particular relationship issue. Contact Katie Glen on 020 8712 5981 today for your complimentary telephone consultation.


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