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Case Study #1


Breaking toxic relationship patterns

Goodbye Mr Wrong. Hello Mr Right

Advanced hypnosis can help you clear out the ‘mind viruses’ currently attracting unsuitable partners for you, and replace them with a new healthy, mindset (love blueprint) to attract that special person.

Natalie* came to us distressed about her latest love life disaster.

She was in a messy relationship with a man who had duped her into thinking he was single. Not long into the relationship, Natalie discovered her partner was in a long-term relationship with a live-in partner, who he had not real intention of leaving.

Natalie was besotted with him, but the stress of thinking about him, his partner and who he would choose became so unbearable that she decided to seek therapy.

To put the situation into context, Natalie was a slim, blond and attractive 35-year-old, with a good well-paid sales career, her own home and good friends. He was over 55 years old, overweight and balding, and although he had a successful career, he was not particularly wealthy. On the surface, it was an unlikely pairing.

Going back over Natalie’s relationship history, it was not surprising. This one was just one of several disastrous liaisons where she played second fiddle to her lover’s life. Previously she had a torrid affair with a married man at work, which resulted in her leaving. She also had an on-off relationship with another unattractive man for over 7 years, who would never take her out or show her off. Eventually, he ran off and married someone else within months. Her expectations from relationships were low.

During the regression therapy, a pattern of behaviour that stemmed from childhood was identified. Her father left the family to live with another woman when she was seven years old. Unfortunately, not only had the father’s new partner moved him 3 hours away from the family home, but she was also very unpleasant. When Natalie went to stay with them, the woman would shout at her and belittle her whilst her father stood by and said nothing.

Her subconscious had taken it on board that she was second best and not worth standing up for. A pattern that was replicated through her adult life in her relationships with men. During hypnosis, we were able to uncover this information, see it with new ‘adult’ eyes and install a new, healthy relationship programme.

Attracting the right partner for you

The results were immediate. Natalie quickly forgot about the previous lover, and within two weeks of completely the therapy, she met a wonderful man.

Over seven years later, Natalie is now happily married to that man with two lovely sons.

In her own words Natalie expressed her delight:

Following a string of relationships with the ‘wrong men’ I met with Kate first of all for an initial consultation to see if she could help me. Not only did she find the solution, importantly she identified the root cause – ‘why was I always picking the wrong men to have relationships with?’

After the hypnotherapy sessions with Katie, she helped me to put the difficulties of my past behind me which had burdened me for too long and gave me confidence and optimism for the future. Hypnosis has been a very positive experience for me, which I only regret I didn’t do sooner. The results speak for themselves, today, for the first time I am in a happy balanced relationship.

Natalie, Case Study*

*Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons. , Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

Discover the secrets to finding (and keeping) a healthy, loving relationship.

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*Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

Breaking unhealthy relationship patterns


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