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Case Study #3


Relationship Breakdown Help

A calmer, more rational divorce

Paul came to us needing help… FAST!

As a married man with two young children (under 5 years), he was devastated to discover his wife, whom he’d been in a relationship with for over 9 years, was having an affair.

For over a year, they had been arguing constantly with his wife blaming him for their relationship problems, and insisting he see a counsellor (this was before he had discovered the affair).

Paul had spent over 12 months visiting the counsellor weekly. At £60 per hour, plus travel costs and, more importantly, his valuable time, he was disappointed with the results and still living in a very unhappy, conflict-ridden relationship.

Even more distressing was his wife and her family were trying to rile him, access to his children was difficult and pressurising him to give the family home to his wife, with the intention of leaving him with nothing. As the sole breadwinner, with a large mortgage and a very average salaried middle-management job, he simply could not afford to do this.

The situation was affecting every part of his life, including his relationship with his children, his career and his health.

Paul was so stressed, he needed a quick fix solution; stress relief and the ability to see a future beyond the current situation.

In one double, intensive session, we helped Paul identify his relationship ‘programme’ – and he had experienced other, not dissimilar dysfunctional relationships prior to meeting his wife – he had a pattern of being attracted to very controlling women. Using suggestion hypnosis, we helped him relief the current stress, pain and anger he was experiencing, to allow him to rationalise the situation and create a solution for moving forward that supports both his children’s and his needs.

Although Paul has now completed the full therapy programme to protect himself in future relationships, the ‘quick fix’ was exactly what he needed at the time.

In his own words, Paul explained:

Less stressed and our divorce will be as easy, quick and painless as possible.

I went to Katie during a very stressful relationship breakdown which was affecting most parts of my life. Although I was sceptical of hypnotherapy I decided to give it a go as I was desperate. I had spent the past year (and over £3,000) discussing my marriage problems with a counsellor and talking to friends, but felt I hadn’t really moved on and had become more confused with conflicting advice that I had been given.

relationship-hypnosis-move-onGoing into my first session and being asked what I wanted out of my life and relationships helped me focus on what I wanted for the first time. Katie’s professional approach and ability to put me at ease and get to the real issues gave me instant results.

Although I accept that my relationship has broken down, I am now less stressed and much clearer about how to move forward, and I feel I can now identify what is important to me rather than repeating the same old nightmare relationship patterns. I am also determined to find a satisfactory solution that will work for my children, soon-to-be-ex-wife and myself, and to make sure that our divorce will be as easy, quick and painless as possible.

Paul Wood, SE London

Paul Wood

SE London

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