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Sexual Problems

hypnotherapy for sexual issues

Hypnotherapy for Sexual Problems

Impotence, Premature Ejaculation, Fetishes, Vaginismus, Anorgasmia, Loss of Libido

A healthy sex life makes a very important contribution to your overall psychological and physical health. However, many people experience sexual issues at some point in their life, often due to life’s pressures, such relationship problems, the arrival of children,  work pressures, or due to changes in your health and lifestyle.  For others, sexual issues may be rooted in early sexual experiences, a long-standing fixation / obsession or a manifestation of deeper relationship issues.

The most common sexual issues for men are

For women, the most common sexual problems are

  • vaginismus (involuntary tightening of muscles around the vagina which prevents penetration)
  • anorgasmia (failure to reach orgasm).
  • dyspareunia (difficult or painful sexual intercourse)
  • loss of libido (more common among women, although somen men do experience this too)

For Men:

Premature ejaculation

premature-ejaculation-hypnosisPremature ejaculation is when a man comes too quickly or before his partner is satisfied. It is relative as what one man considers too quick, may be normal for another.

Most men experience the frustration of premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. However, it is time to get help when it happens frequently.

Premature ejaculation is primarily caused by psychological factors; however, some physical conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, excessive alcohol or use of recreational drugs, can also cause premature ejaculation.  Therefore it’s important to rule out these factors by getting checked by your GP.

For some men, the problem only occurs in certain situations or with specific partners (this is almost exclusively a psychological issue), and for others, it occurs with all partners and all contexts.

Stress, anxiety, pressure to perform, past experiences and even guilt can adversely affect your sexual performance. Early sexual experiences, including pornography exposure, rushed experiences, perhaps in youth to avoid being caught or by guilty feelings can be the cause. Relationship issues, past hurt and previous sexual experience can also cause premature ejaculation.

Advanced hypnosis using regression is the fastest and most effective way to correct the psychological causes of premature ejaculation. Specialist age regression allows access to the subconscious where memories of our first sexual experiences are stored to uncover the root causes of the problem and allows the sufferer to ‘reprogram’ the experience with the appropriate thoughts and feelings for a healthy, satisfying sex life.

  • Stop premature ejaculation and improve your performance
  • Overcome ‘hidden’ trauma or hurt from past sexual experience
  • Release feelings of guilt, embarrassment, anxiety and stress associated with sex
  • Train your mind to control your timing and response to stressful situations
  • Feel more confident. Increase your sexual desire and enjoyment
  • Improve and enhance your relationship
  • Spend more time making love and less time worrying.

If you are ready to overcome premature ejaculation, contact Katie Glen on 020 7812 5981 for your complimentary 15-minute consultation and find out how our hypnotherapy expertise can help you.

Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)

impotence-hypnosis-erectile-dysfunctionImpotence (also known as Erectile Dysfunction) is where the ability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance in inhibited.

Impotence (erectile dysfunction) can happen at any age, but it is more common among more mature gentlemen. Most men aged 45 years+ have experienced impotence at least some of the time. But, when it happens regularly, it is time to get help.

This frustrating condition can be caused by physical or emotional reasons. Relationship problems, stress, workload, previous sexual experience, illness and anxiety can all affect the ability to get and sustain an erection. Past psychological problems that occurred at some point in one’s life, even as early as a young child, can have an impact, and relatively simple issues can develop into something more complicated later in life.

Physical conditions can also cause erectile dysfunction, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, heavy smoking, excessive drinking or recreational drug use so it is important to get a medical check up to rule these factors out.

One of the major problems with impotence is that it creates anxiety about getting an erection, which is turn creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The good news is that impotence is curable and, for many men, it is a temporary condition.

If you experience natural erections on waking, the problem will almost always be psychological. Even if you are suffering from a physical condition affecting performance, hypnotherapy can help encourage blood flood and stress reduction. Our advanced hypnotherapy programme is designed to help you with both physical and psychological issues causing and aggravating impotence.

Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to access your ‘programme’ for sexual performance. Age regression enables us to access to the subconscious to uncover the root cause(s) of the problem and allows the sufferer to ‘reprogram’ experiences with the appropriate thoughts and feelings for a healthy, satisfying sex life.

Furthermore “suggestion” hypnosis can be applied to updated your thoughts and feelings toward sex and relieve stresses associated with the problem. Hypnosis can also be applied is designed to relax your body to improve blood circulation and flow to your penis, which is required for a strong erection, and encourage you to perform muscle strengthening exercises and make lifestyles changes that will also help improve your condition.

  • Encourage natural erections without medication
  • Improve blood circulation and flow to your penis
  • Overcome ‘hidden’ trauma or hurt from past sexual experience
  • Release feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, anxiety and stress associated with sex
  • Stop the analysing and worrying which can inhibit your performance
  • Improve intimacy and enjoy love-making
  • Spend more time making love and less time worrying
  • Get your confidence back in the bedroom.

If you are ready to overcome impotence (erectile dysfunction), contact Katie Glen on 020 8712 5981 for a completely confidential 15 minute consultation and discover more about how advanced hypnotherapy could help you.

Sex Addiction (Stop Sleeping Around)

sex-addiction-hypnotherapyIs sex addiction ruining your chances of a genuine, loving relationship? Advanced hypnotherapy could help you get back in control of your sex life and self-esteem.

‘What’s wrong with sleeping around (apart from the risk of catching an STD)?’ cynics may ask. Some men may believe sleeping around and constantly moving on to new partners is a great sex, but in reality, they’re missing out on the pleasure of a genuine, loving relationship. This self-destructive habit often stems from poor self-esteem, immature attitudes towards sex and/or a lack of respect for women.

For women, sleeping around can be driven by poor self-esteem, misguided cravings for intimacy and misconceptions about what men want. Using sex and seduction to create closeness and intimacy with a man is flawed thinking. Conflicting messages from our permissive society may trick you in believing sexual availability is what men want, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Men may be happy to have a one night stand or short fling with a sexually promiscuous woman, but they don’t tend to form long-term, loving relationships with them.

Deep down, most people want an intimate, loving relationship, but past experiences and poor expectations can prevent you from finding one. Sex addiction is usually a symptom of low self-esteem and a replacement for the love you are looking for. The sex addict is usually disassociated from reality, unable to recognise true pleasure. So, like the drug addict, they need more and more to satisfy another urge that has little to do with sex.

If you would like to start enjoying a meaningful relationship and protect yourself from the health and emotional risks associated with sex addiction, eliminating the ‘mind viruses’ and updating your subconscious “blueprint” for a healthy, loving, sexually satisfying relationship is essential.

Age regression advanced hypnotherapy allows access the hidden information deep within the subconscious to identify the cause(s) of your sex addiction problem, update your mind “software” for relationships and a healthy, loving sex life.

  • Stop the self-destructive habit of sleeping around and avoid meaningless encounters
  • Go for quality, not quantity – be able to enjoy and find satisfaction with one partner
  • Release past hurt or sexual experiences preventing you from enjoying a healthy, intimate relationship with one loving partner
  • Allow your self-esteem to grow and develop
  • Release outdated beliefs that promiscuity is a status symbol
  • Be in control of your sexuality and feelings
  • Protect and value your self-worth and sexual health
  • If you are already in a relationship, protect it
  • Free yourself from fears about enjoying a genuine, intimate, respectful relationship

If you are suffering from a sex addiction, contact us today for a completely confidential discussion on how our advanced hypnotherapy expertise could help you. Contact Katie Glen on 020 8712 5981 today.

Sexual Fetishes

hypnotherapy-sexual-fetish-hypnosisSexual fetishes are often not a problem until they become either an obsession or disrupt a relationship. With the personal motivation to change, fetishes are relatively simple to deal with using hypnosis.

A fetish works in exactly the same way as a phobia; a phobia is where a stimulus (e.g. snake, people, spider etc) is linked with fear and a fetish is where the stimulus is linked with sexual feelings.

Both are developed in the same way; as either learned behaviour or as a result of a traumatic incident where the feelings and emotions are ‘fused’ with a stimulus. And there is no way of telling which type a person has without doing the work and finding out with hypnosis.

The good news is that with the right approach, both types can be resolved.

However, there are many different types of hypnotherapy available, and the type you choose significantly affects your chances of success. The most common is suggestion hypnosis (often called Ericksonian, Solution Focussed hypnotherapy) and is often combined with other approaches such as NLP, counselling, CBT and psychotherapy. This can work well for ‘learned behaviour’ situation e.g. if a mother screams every time she sees a spider, her child learns that is how you react to spiders and a phobia can develop.

The other type, trauma, needs to be approached in a different way by going back to when the problem first started using regression. The original incident where the fetish stimulus was fused with sexual feelings can be revisited, separated and replaced with more appropriate feelings. Once you know where the problem lies, it’s normally easy to bring the memory forward and correct it.

Katie Glen has worked with a number of men with a wide range of types of fetish.  Please do not be embarrassed to call – all calls are completely confidential and Katie is very experienced at helping clients with their deepest, inner ‘stuff’.  We are here to help.

If you want to free yourself from a sexual fetish, contact us today for a completely confidential discussion on how advanced hypnotherapy could help you. Contact Katie Glen on 020 8712 5981 today.

For Women:

Vaginismus & Dyspareunia

Dyspareunia is painful sexual intercourse. It usually occurs during penetration, but can also be experienced during non-penetrative sexual activity. Up to 1/5 of women experience dyspareunia at some point in their lives – so if you’ve been suffering, you are not alone!

Pain can be caused by both psychological and physical issues, including to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, vulvovaginitis, sexual trauma or inadequate lubrication. We would strongly recommend visiting your doctor to rule out any physical conditions causing pain.

Vaginismus is an extreme form of dyspareunia, where the pelvic floor muscles contract involuntarily causing penetration problems. Vaginismus makes penetrative intercourse difficult or impossible (the vagina can completely close up) and it can be painful. Inserting a tampon or finger, or gynaecological and pelvic examinations may also be uncomfortable and painful.

Vaginismus can develop as a result of physical or sexual trauma, relationship problems, religious beliefs or the fear of pregnancy.

Dyspareunia and / or vaginismus can completely halt your sex life, causing distress and relationship problems and may prevent you from having children.

When physical causes are ruled out, painful intercourse is a learned response to sex. Early sexual experiences, including unpleasant or painful past experiences, or simply not being ready, can create anxiety and fear around sex causing the body to automatically protect itself and shut down. Past relationship trauma, sexual abuse, beliefs and religious subconscious expectations around sex can also affect your body’s response to intercourse.

By using age regression, we can tap into the subconscious mind, which stores all our memories and monitors our bodily functions, to uncover the root cause of the problem and allow the sufferer to ‘reprogram’ past experiences with the appropriate thoughts and feelings for a healthy, satisfying sex life. Suggestion hypnosis can then be applied to re-establish a healthy relationship between your body and your attitudes towards sex and relationships.

  • Overcome ‘hidden’ trauma associated with painful sex
  • Release fears, anxiety and pain associated with sex
  • Rebalance your body and mind connection
  • Learn to relax your body and vagina for sex
  • Enjoy and look forward to penetrative sex
  • Improve intimacy and your relationship
  • Feel more confident, calmer and relaxed about making love

Find out how advanced hypnotherapy could help you overcome vaginismus or dyspareunia. Call Katie Glen on 020 8712 5981 for your complimentary free 15-minute consultation today.

Anorgasmia (failure to reach orgasm)

anorgasmia-hypnosis-orgasm-hypnotherapyUnfortunately, many women find orgasm difficult to achieve, so if you’re not experiencing the ‘OMG orgasms’ seen in magazines, television and films, you are perfectly normal!

Anorgasmia is the inability to achieve orgasm following normal sexual excitement. Women suffering from anorgasmia often experience a strong sexual desire and arousal but are unable to achieve orgasm.

Anorgasmia is primarily a psychological condition that can arise for several reasons, for example;

  • Lack of education, for example not really knowing your body or what turns you on, or even what an orgasm is
  • Preoccupation of thoughts rather than on your body during lovemaking
  • Guilt, shame and feelings around sex being bad as a result of conditioning by parents, society and/or religion
  • Repressed sexual feeling from past experience, lack of confidence, beliefs and trauma

Climaxing is an amazing way of reducing stress. It is part of enjoying a healthy, satisfying sex-life and improves your well-being. When you have an orgasm, your heart rate and blood flow increases, your muscles tighten and then completely relax. This simple, natural action frees your mind from worries, you feel calm and relaxed, and all that increased blood flow is excellent for our organs and circulation.

Hypnosis can help you learn to achieve a natural orgasm, by allowing us to access previously hidden subconscious files which hold the specific information preventing you achieving orgasm. Advanced hypnotherapy using regression techniques allow a person to go back to the source of the problem and ‘see’ the incident again, but reprocess the information with a new fresh, adult perspective. With a more appropriate and helpful interpretation of the past rather than an embarrassed, scared or even shamed younger self, outdated beliefs and inhibitions can be released to allow you to achieve orgasm. We also use ‘suggestion’ hypnotherapy to help you replace old negative thoughts and ideas with the correct information on how to understand, experience and enjoy that wonderful natural function of orgasm.

  • Start enjoying the experience of orgasm
  • Overcome ‘hidden’ trauma or hurt from past sexual experience
  • Release feelings of guilt, embarrassment, anxiety and stress associated with sex
  • Understand and connect with and calm your body
  • Feel more confident and sexier in the bedroom
  • Enjoy the health benefits of achieving orgasm – a great way to relieve stress and tension
  • Enhance your relationship and look forward to making love

If you would like to start experiencing orgasms and overcome anorgasmia, and would like to discover how advanced hypnotherapy could help you, contact Katie Glen on 020 8712 5981 today.

Loss of libido (Inhibited Sexual Desire)

libido-hypnosis-loss-sexual-desireLack of interest in sex and loss of libido is more common among women, but it does affect men too.

Many women do not enjoy sex and actively avoid it. For some women, a lack of interest in sex is situational, for example after childbirth or as result of putting on weight or as a result of relationship problems. Other reasons, affecting both men and women, include stress, pressures at home or work, redundancy, health problems, guilt, conflict over sexuality or relationship problems.

However, it is not uncommon to have never been interested in or enjoyed making love.

Sex is a natural and healthy activity designed, not just for procreation, but for enjoyment and creating intimacy with your partner. A low sex drive can be caused by underlying physical conditions, psychological issues or a combination of the two.

Stress, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medication and ageing can prevent you from enjoying a healthy sex drive. Plus relationship problems, your background, past hurt, guilt and painful previous sexual experiences can inhibit your sexual desire. This is where the incredible power of hypnosis can work wonders.

With advanced hypnosis, the subconscious, where your pattern or ‘programme’ for sexual desire is stored, can be accessed. Using regression we can uncover past experiences or hurts that have inhibited your natural desire and instinct to enjoy and want to have sex, to allow you to reprocess the information with a fresh new perspective. Afterwards ‘suggestion’ (new “software” for the mind) is applied to give you more appropriate thoughts and feelings to enable you to enjoy a healthy, satisfying sex life.

  • Feel good about enjoying a naturally, healthy existing sex life
  • Overcome ‘hidden’ trauma or hurt from past sexual experience
  • Release feelings of guilt, embarrassment, anxiety and stress associated with sex
  • Feel more confident in the bedroom and increase your sexual desire
  • Enjoy more intimacy in your relationship
  • Be confident with your sexuality
  • Enjoy making love and feel desirable, wanted and sexually attractive

If you want to start enjoying a healthy, satisfying sex life, contact us today for a completely confidential discussion on how advanced hypnotherapy could help you. Contact Katie Glen on 0208 712 5981 today.


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