How Much Could You Save?

How Much Could You Save By Stopping Smoking?

save with stop smoking hypnosisIf you’re serious about stopping smoking, hypnosis could be one of the best investments you ever make.

We all know that smoking is bad news for your health, but did you realise just how much it damages your wallet? And how much of your working life is spent working just to pay for that habit?

For example, a 20-a-day smoker, will burn more than £62,050 worth of cigarettes over 20 years! And the average British smoker will spend more than 2½ years at work paying for their smoking habit.

Smoking Seriously Damages Your Wealth

save money with stop smoking hypnosis

Find out much you could save if you quit smoking below — if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you’ll be spending at least £2,785 (after tax and NICs) over the next year on smoking!

When you stop smoking, how will you invest all that extra cash?

10 a day

20 a day

30 a day

40 a day

1 year





2 years





5 years





10 years





20 years





40 years





Based on £8.50 packet of Malboro Lights, JS Sainsburys, May 2014 

Hypnosis: stop smoking the stress-free way and save a packet!

Hypnosis is a very quick, easy and pleasant way to give up smoking. It’s completely natural, safe, stress-free and the most effective way to quit smoking for good.

Smokers burn thousands of pounds each year on cigarettes. If you quit today, how much would you save? How much better could you invest the money wasted on a lifetime of smoking?  What would you do with an extra £60,000+ to spend… your home, holidays, a new car, clothes, treating family and friends, your favourite hobbies/ pastimes or possibly investing in a new business venture?

Stop smoking with hypnosis – the best investment you ever make?

At The London Hypnotherapy Partnership, we specialise in the highly successful Austin ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ technique.  There are many different hypnotherapy treatments fo stop smoking available on the market — the success rates vary enormously.  Our method is the most consistently effective technique we have found after many years of study, training and research. We find most committed clients are able to stop smoking in one easy session using this sophisticated hypnotherapy programme without the need for gums, patches, e-cigarettes or unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

If you are serious and ready to become an ex-smoker, booking your stop smoking hypnosis treatment could be the best investment you ever make.

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Ready to quit? Book your stop smoking treatment today?

If you would like to find more about how ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ could help you become a satisfied non-smoker, or to book your stop smoking treatment today, contact Katie Glen on 020 8712 5981.